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Who are we?

The Family Mediation Group are a company based in London, United Kingdom that specialise in mediation, negotiation and consultancy services to individuals and companies requiring experts to assist in settling disputes. The company is part of an international dispute resolution network of companies providing solutions and expertise in different industries.

What do we do?

The Family Mediation Group offer family mediation and consultancy services to individuals requiring an independent third party to assist in the resolution of disputes. We offer services in divorce, child arrangements, financial arrangements, inheritance and inter-generational disputes.

How are we different?

Our experts follow the PACIFICAT© methodology, an award-winning standard created by international negotiators, Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery, used for every negotiation to resolve conflict. With the permission of the ADN Group, this method has been translated into the mediation of disputes. The PACIFICAT© mediation method is used at every stage of the process to help resolve complex and multi-layered disputes.

Our Vision

To resolve conflict and inspire others to use methods which lead to positive and lasting outcomes.

Our Mission

To assist in the management of conflict through promoting constructive, creative and co-operative approaches to its resolution. Also, to promote public awareness of the value and practice of constructive conflict resolution.

Our Values

We believe in the power of ethics in mediation and negotiation, laying the foundations for sustainability and prosperity and providing the tools for long-lasting agreements.