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The Family Mediation Group© offer family mediation for couples separating or divorcing and in need of resolving disputes quickly, cheaply and without the stress of going through the courts.

Family mediation is not about getting back together but how you will agree to live apart. The agreements are made by you and for you, with the assistance of a trained family mediator and may be made legally binding.

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The type of mediation for you may involve the following:

All Issues Mediation

Resolving a diverse range of issues, including where children live in the future and what contact arrangements there should be, as well as agreements in relation to property ownership and living arrangements.

Finance & Property

Agreements in relation to property ownership, division of assets and living arrangements. This may also include issues such as child maintenance payments, sharing finances, pensions or debts.


Agreements made in a variety of areas including anything from parents requesting a repayment of a loan or living arrangements to grandparents seeking contact with their grandchildren.

Child Arrangements

Resolving where children live in the future and what contact arrangements there should be


Agreements in relation to disputed wills and inheritance and the administration of an estate

Family Business

Resolving internal conflict within family businesses and ensuring agreements in relation to succession planning, clear communication channels and division of work.

We also offer confidential consultancy services, advising and supporting individuals and companies attending court: providing confidential support and making suggestions where needed.