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The family mediation process is easy and can be used straight away after deciding to end your relationship or later, if you so wish. The 5-stage process is as follows:

Step 1

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Step 2

An appointment will be made for you to attend a Mediation Assessment Information Meeting (MIAM), for the mediator to explain the process and confirm that mediation is the appropriate method of resolving your dispute.

Step 3

If deemed appropriate by the mediator, an invitation will be sent to the other person to attend a mediation. If this is not accepted or if mediation is deemed inappropriate, the relevant court documentation will be provided for the person to make a court application to resolve matters.

Step 4

The 2 hour mediation session is set-up at a date and location convenient with you both.

Step 5

If an Agreement is reached the mediator will draft the agreement made and email it to both parties. If there is not an Agreement, another session will be planned, if further discussion is necessary. If no Agreement can be reached after further sessions, the mediator will provide the relevant court documentation should a party wish to make a court application.